Web Search Curricula:

Lesson, revised August 2012:

These lessons reflect an updated set of search instructional strategies and practices, and an emphasis shifted from Boolean to search refinement. We will be finalizing our set of three to five lessons in August and September 2012.

Introduction to Web Search & Basic Operators: This lesson introduces the concept of a search engine, explains basic search operators and helps students select operators to refine their results. It is available as a Google Web Doc.

Web Authorship: This lesson (also a separate teaching tool) introduces concepts of web authorship and structures authorship investigation. It is available through Glean WhoIs.

Teaching how search engines work: This lesson engages students in thinking about how search engines work, how they identify and catalog resources, and how results are presented by rank/order. It is available through Engineering the Net.

Search and confirmation bias: This lesson (also a separate teaching tool) introduces the concept of confirmation bias and engages students in thinking about how they can avoid biases in their research. It is available through Glean Comparison Search.

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Additional References

ISTE 2007 NETS Standards Profiles - [web]

Archive/Original Web Search Curricula:

Original Boolify lessons:

These lessons are no longer current, but will be provided through Fall 2012 for reference purposes.

Using Basic Boolean Search Operators (AND, OR, NOT) - [Google Web Doc]

Refining Search Results - [Google Web Doc]

Evaluating Websites and Other Information Resources - [Google Web Doc]

Additional References:

Video Media: YouTube or TeacherTube on Boolean Logic

Primary References: George Boole's book, "Laws on Thought"

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